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What can our van do?

What makes us different and separates us from the rest? It may just be our purpose built Hydrobath Van.

Imported from Australia our dog grooming equipment was specially installed to offer dogs the utmost comfort as they are being washed and dried.

The van is fully integrated, complete with Hydrobath where the dog will be bathed with warm fresh water and the coat conditioned then dried using a turbo dryer. The ears and eyes will be cleaned, nails clipped and feet trimmed. Anal area cleaned if necessary. The dog will be groomed completely, whether it is clipped, scissor cut or just needs the dead hair removed to bring back the gloss into the coat.

Shampoos used can be either natural & soap free for dogs with sensitive skin. Customers are welcome to give me their own shampoo to use if that is preferred.

REMEMBER......whilst your companion is in our van, he/she will receive 100% attention from us.  We promise never ever to use cages - we don't need to – because we come to your door with our van!!

What does it
look like?

Our van is very distinctive; you might see it around Redditch and the West Midlands. We look forward to bringing the van around for you.

Van Van


A Specially Fitted Hydrobath for your dogs. Van
Fully fitted fiberglass for high levels of cleanliness. Van
The Hydrobath enables dogs to remain comfortable why they are receiving a wash. Van
All dogs are safely secured. Van
Its really easy to get your dog into the van with a wide opening side door Van
After a wash treatment dogs are carefully groomed on the Toff Dogs grooming table. Van

Do you have a question about our van facilities? Call Linda on 07813 459595 / 01527 546352 or email

Fully Mobile

Fully qualified staff equipped with a state of the art mobile grooming salon.

We Travel to you!


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Why are we Unique?

With Toff Dogs its Three Simple Steps to a clean dog

Remember no hassle and no mess just one clean Toff Dog!

City and Guilds Qualified British Dog Groomers AssociationPet Care Trust
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